Closed Cycle Cryostats
for Atomic Cooling and Ion Trapping

Featuring the Ultra-low Vibration and Ultra-high Vacuum
GMX-20B Interface from Advanced Research Systems

Superconducting nanowire based "Magnetic Conveyor Belt" for transport of ultracold atoms to a superconducting atom chip.
Courtesy of J. Schmiedmayer, S. Minniberger, and F. Diorico
Superconducting Atom Chip Paper
Advanced Research Systems is proud to equip researchers with the cryogenic equipment essential to Atom and Ion Trapping experiments.

Bakeable to 200C, the GMX-20B interface allows for low pressure and high sample cleanliness, improving electronic fequency response and total sample yields.

The 4K sample environment enables the use of buffer gas pre-cooling, superconducting wires, and Atom chips in Trap designs.

Ultra-Low Vibration capability helps to reduce kinetic energy transfer to all in vacuum components, including the sample.