The Helifier™ helium liquefier provides an economical way to recover helium exhaust from laboratory cryostats and liquefy it for continued use. Cooled by the powerful ARS DE-215 cryocooler, the Helifier will generatre liquid helium at a rate of 18 liters per day and store up to 100 liters of liquid, which is roughly a week's worth of normal helium usage for cryostat applications.

This product is ideally suited for labs with moderate liquid helium usage, and gives you the freedom to choose when and how you perform your experiments.

ARS Helifier Helium Liquefier


Reclaim boil-off during short term measurements from a variety of cryostats:

  • Flow cryostat
  • Bath cryostat
  • VTI

Dedicated recovery from one or more permanent installations:

  • Superconducting magnet
  • MRI machine
  • NMR spectrometer




Typical Configuration

Options & Upgrades

  • 18 L/day
  • 100 L storage
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Easy operation


  • Helium liquefier
  • Liquid nitrogen cooled helium purifier
  • Atmospheric pressure helium recovery bag
  • Medium pressure (400psi) compressor and gas storage tanks


  • High pressure (2700psi) compressor and gas storage tanks
  • Cryogen-free helium purifier
  • Larger atmospheric pressure recovery bag
  • Additional gas storage banks
  • Cold swap purifiers