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Product Spotlight

The ARS Omniplex provides sample-in-vapor cryogenic cooling to under 4 K for samples with poor thermal conductivity. The Omniplex pictured above has been integrated into a completely self-contained mobile cart that allows the cryostat, vacuum pump, and temperature controller to be transported between optical spectrometers. This allows the laboratory users to study a sample in several different instruments without warming or exposing the sample to atmospheric conditions.


ARS will be exhibiting at the APS Users' Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois from May 9 to 12. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Laboratory Cryogenic Systems

Advanced Research Systems (ARS) provides a complete cryogenic solution for low temperature material characterization. ARS manufactured Pneumatic Drive Closed Cycle Cryocoolers are ideally suited for R&D applications where low temperature and low vibrations are important. ARS is uniquely qualified to design and manufacture customized cryogenic solutions as we can seamlessly integrate our cryocoolers into the final design.

If you are unfamiliar with ARS' products, the applications section of this web site will help guide you to the right cryostat for your measurements.

Featured Products

Optical Cryostats


Displex closed cycle cryostats for optical and electrical measurements. Stainless steel construction for high vacuum.

Low Vibration


Ultra low vibration cryogen free cryostat for quantum optical applications, micro-Raman, and micro-PL.

Probe Stations

Cryogenic Probe Station Product Page

Micromanipulated cryogenic probe station. Easily customizable up to 8 DC or RF probes. Optical fiber tips and magnets optional.

High Power Cryocooler


Bare cryocooler with low vibrations and high cooling power on first and second stage for high heat loads, including MRI magnets.

UHV Cryostats


UHV closed cycle cryostats for 10-11 Torr vacuum level. CF flange welded to the cryocooler for true UHV performance.

Top Loader Cryostats

CS204*F-DMX-19-OP Product Page

OmniPlex™ top loading cryostat for testing optical, electrical, and magnetic material properties. Fast sample change.

Helium Flow Cryostats


Helitran® high performance flow cryostat. Features atomic scale vibrations for low temperature STM applications.

Mixed Gas Cryocooler

Mixed Refrigerant

Low cost JT cryocooler uses patented mixed refrigerant for 80 K performance. Designed for low cost cryostats, sensor and detector cooling.