About ARS

CEO & Founder Ravi Bains

CEO & Founder Ravi Bains

Advanced Research Systems, Inc.
was started in 1986 by Ravi Bains to provide cryogenic solutions for low temperature research. ARS has evolved as a world class manufacturer of closed cycle cryocoolers and laboratory cryogenic systems. ARS is the only major supplier of laboratory cryostats that also manufactures 4 K closed cycle cryocoolers for its use.

The ARS Advantage

With a focus on research & development, ARS cryogenic equipment evolves with
the ever-changing world of scientific research to provide you with the
tools you need for your experiments. We are dedicated to
designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipment
that assists you in achieving your research goals. At ARS
we are committed to innovating with new products & superior manufacturing.
See what you can achieve with ARS.

Our Commitment to You

Manufacturing our own cryocoolers allows us to seamlessly adapt our cryostats for challenging applications where the cryocooler must be customized for a specific application. ARS has sales and service capabilities worldwide, with an international sales force that is well trained to support our customers and provide guidance in the selection of cryogenic equipment that suits customers' needs at a fair price.

We recognize that the quality of both our product and our customer relationships determines our future success in this competitive world. To facilitate this, we continue to invest in improving and expanding our capabilities and in developing new products for the future. We feel that the close working relationships we have forged with our customers over the years are testimony to our success.