Flow Cryostat Probe Station

ARS PS-L Flow Cryostat Probe Station

The ARS PS-L Flow Cryostat Probe Station uses Liquid Helium or Liquid Nitrogen as the cooling agent to reach cryogenic temperatures of 4 K or 77 K depending upon the cryogen used.

The core of the system is the same for both the Liquid and Closed Cycle Probe Stations, which enables the Flow Cryostat to be removed from this system and replaced with a Closed Cycle (cryogen-free) configuration at a later point, if your needs change.

ARS manufactures both the Helitran Helium transfer system and the probe station. This integrated approach ensures consistent performance and also facilitates diagnostics and service of the integrated system.



  • Magnetic properties

  • DC, RF properties

  • Microwave properties

  • MEMS

  • Nanoscale electronics

  • Superconductivity

  • Electrical and optical properties of nano circuits

  • Quantum dots and wires

  • Non-destructive device testing



Typical Configuration


Options & Upgrades

  • <4 K - 400 K temperature range with liquid helium

  • 77 K - 400 K temperature range with liquid nitrogen

  • 2 in. test area

  • 2.75 in. clear view top window

  • Up to 6 micro-manipulated probe arms

  • 2 additional accessory ports

  • Thermally anchored triaxial single tip probe holders with
    replaceable tungsten tips

  • 1 µm sensitivity precision actuators

  • High stability spring-loaded linear motion stages

  • All stainless steel vacuum enclosure for low vacuum and
    fast pumping times

  • 7:1 zoom microscope with ring light

  • Super soft copper braids transmit maximum cooling power and minimal vibrations to cold stage

  • Elastomeric isolators on table for high frequency vibration dampening

  • Soft air mount feet for high shock and low frequency vibration dampening

  • Heated radiation shield for faster sample change

  • Cryogen free

  • Fully customizable


  • Liquid Flow Cryostat

  • Transfer Line - Standard 6’ (8’ or 10’ options)

  • Flow Meter Panels

  • 10” Diameter Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with 6 Micromanipulated Probe Ports and 2 Spare NW 80 Accessory Ports Mounted on an Anodized Aluminum Table Top with Extruded Aluminum Support System.

  • 8” Diameter Nickel Plated OFHC Copper Radiation Shield

  • 2.25” Diameter Grounded Sample Holder made out of OFHC Copper.

  • DC, Microwave, or Fiber Optic Probes

  • 4 Sensors and 2 Heaters for temperature control and monitoring

  • 4 Channel Temperature Controller with interconnecting cable to the cryostat.

  • 7:1 Zoom Microscope with <2 micron resolution and coaxial or ring light. Includes a High Resolution 24” Wide Screen LCD Display and a light source for the microscope