Optical Spectroscopy

Large optical access

Multiple window ports

Wide variety of window materials



Nanometer level vibrations

1.5" sample platter

Continuously adjustable sample height


Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Angstrom level vibrations

Ultra high vacuum


Noble Gas Analysis

Cryogenic Gas Trap

Electron Transport

Closed radiation shield

Minimal optical heat load

Wide variety of wiring options


Neutron Science

Thinned aluminum vacuum shroud

Closed radiation shield

Quick change sample in vapor available


Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Nanometer Level Vibrations

Beryllium, Kapton, or Mylar Windows Available

Magnetic Properties

Aluminum vacuum shroud

Compact sample geometry

Narrow pole gaps or small warm bores


X-Ray Diffraction

2 Pi Steradian Beryllium domes

190° Kapton windows

Goniometer mountable



Fits Bruker, Jeol, and Varian microwave cavities

Quartz cuvette removable by double o-ring