Electro-magnet Probe Station

ARS PS-CC-EM Electro Magnet Probe Station

The ARS Electromagnet Closed Cycle Probe Station, PS-CC-EM, is designed for the ultimate flexibility for non-destructive device testing. This system provides a .6T Horizontal Magnetic Field and comes with a BiPolar Power Supply.

ARS manufactures both the cryocooler and the probe station. This integrated approach ensures consistent performance and also facilitates diagnostics and service of the integrated system.



  • Magnetic properties

  • DC, RF properties

  • Microwave properties

  • MEMS

  • Nanoscale electronics

  • Superconductivity

  • Electrical and optical properties of nano circuits

  • Quantum dots and wires

  • Non-destructive device testing



Typical Setup


Options & Upgrades

  • 10 K-400 K temperature range

  • 2 in. test area

  • 2.75 in. clear view top window

  • Up to 6 micro-manipulated probe arms

  • 2 additional accessory ports

  • Thermally anchored triaxial single tip probe holders with
    replaceable tungsten tips

  • 1 µm sensitivity precision actuators

  • High stability spring-loaded linear motion stages

  • All stainless steel vacuum enclosure for low vacuum and
    fast pumping times

  • 7:1 zoom microscope with ring light

  • Super soft copper braids transmit maximum cooling power and minimal vibrations to cold stage

  • Elastomeric isolators on table for high frequency vibration dampening

  • Soft air mount feet for high shock and low frequency vibration dampening

  • Heated radiation shield for faster sample change

  • Cryogen free

  • Fully customizable


  • DE-204 Closed Cycle Cryocooler

  • Compressor (ARS-4HW)

  • Helium Hoses (10 foot flex lines)

  • 12” x 5” Hard Coated Aluminum Vacuum with 4 Micromanipulated Probe Ports on an Anodized Aluminum Table Top with Extruded Alumium Support System.

  • GMW 5403 EG Electromagnet capable of 0.6T

  • Kepco BOP Power Supplies wired in Parallel

  • Polished OFHC Copper Radiation Shield

  • 1” Square Grounded Sample Holder made out of OFHC Copper

  • 3 Stage Vibration Dampening System for < 1 micron Vibration Levels at the Sample Stage

  • DC, Microwave, or Fiber Optic Probes

  • 4 Sensors and 2 Heaters for temperature control and monitoring

  • 4 Channel Temperature Controller with interconnecting cable to the cryostat.

  • Gaussmeter with Cryogenic Hall Sensor

  • 7:1 Zoom Microscope with <2 micron resolution and coaxial or ring light. Includes a High Resolution 24” Wide Screen LCD Display and a light source for the microscope.