Helium Flow Cryostats

The LT3 is the premier liquid helium flow cryostat. With its matrix heat exchanger and coaxial shield flow transfer line, the LT3 is one of the most cryogen-efficient flow cryostats on the market. The ability to reach temperatures of < 2 K makes this flow cryostat well suited for just about any application.


ARS LT3 Helium Flow Cryostat


The backbone of low vibration cryogenic research

Atomic resolution is achieved through a series of heat exchangers

Coaxial shield flow transfer line ensures liquid at the tip

Cryostat Model Type
LT3 Flow
LT3B Flow
LT3M Flow


Designed to work for EPR, ESR, and NMR applications

Fast sample change

Sample tube receiver allows for liquid, powder or bulk samples

Cryostat Model Type
LTR Flow


The flow cryostat of choice for optical microscopy

Continuously adjustable sample height from 0 to 3 mm

Stainless steel construction for high vacuum

Cryostat Model Type
LT3-OM Flow


All-purpose, low cost flow cryostat

Maintains the high cooling power of the LT3

UHV option available


Cryostat Model Type
LT4 Flow