CS204-DMX-20 Pictures



Featuring a custom X-ray Diffraction vacuum chamber for Ultrafast Time-Resolved Pump-Probe experiments, and a swappable chamber for Optical Spectroscopy measurements.


CS204-DMX-20 - Narrow Gap

This cryostat was sold to Prof. Shannon Yee of the Georgia  Institute of Technology. It will be used for applications which focus on heat  transfer in combustion and energy systems. The cryostat's wide operating temperature range allows the user to characterize thermoelectric performance  across a range of 4 K to 800 K, and perform magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE)  experiments. It was designed to have low vibration levels at the sample and to  integrate with a narrow gap electromagnet.

The cryostat includes the following special features:

  • A custom-designed narrow gap vacuum shroud that integrates with the ultra-low-vibration interface (DMX-20).
  • A narrow gap vacuum shroud, machined from aluminum, which integrates seamlessly with the narrow gap environment of electromagnet pole pieces. (Pictured, top left.)
  • An 800 K high-temperature interface at the tip, with electrical feedthroughs thermally anchored on the cryocooler’s first and second stages. (Pictured, top right.)
  • Instrumentation for accurate temperature control across the range 4 K to 800 K, in the form of a Cernox sensor and cartridge heater.
  • A gold-plated radiation shield. This is the optimal choice for shielding your sample and achieving the lowest base temperatures.
  • Electrical feedthroughs which provide access for characterizing the sample’s resistivity and thermoelectric performance as a function of temperature.

Courtesy of:
Petr Němec


This ARS system is being used for basic optical characterization experiments (absorption, reflection and photoluminescence spectra), as well as magneto-optical characterization and time-resolved ultrafast laser spectroscopy.