Ultra Low Vibration Microscopy Cryostat:


The CS210F-GMX-20-OM is the ARS Ultra Low Vibration Closed Cycle Cryostat for Optical Micrscopy applications such as MicroRaman and Micro Photoluminescence.

The CS210F-GMX-20-OM uses a Helium Exchange Gas to decouple the sample from the cold tip of the DE-210 Cryocooler. This prevents almost all vibration from being transmitted to the sample. Sample vibrations of 10 nm have been exhibited. Due to the exchange gas being less conductive, the base temperature will increase by 4-5K and the cooling capacity is roughly cut in half at varying temperatures.




  • Micro-photoluminescence (Micro-PL)
  • Micro-Raman
  • Micro-spectroscopy
  • Micro-FTIR
  • Quantum dots
  • Low vibration optical experiments
  • Magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE)



Typical Configuration


Options & Upgrades

  • Ultra low vibrations (10 nm)
  • Supports working distances as small as 1.5 mm
  • Continuously adjustable sample holder (1.5 - 7 mm)
  • Low profile windows
  • Cold tip down orientation
  • Fully customizable
  • Cold head (DE-210)
  • Compressor (ARS-10HW)
  • 2 helium hoses
  • GMX-20-OM ultra low vibration interface
  • Aluminum vacuum shroud with one window port for optical microscopy and electrical experiments
  • Nickel plated OFHC copper radiation shield
  • 1 high purity quartz window
  • Instrumentation for temperature measurement and control:
    • 10 pin hermetic feedthrough
    • 50 ohm thermofoil heater
    • Silicon diode sensor curve matched to (± 0.5 K) for control
    • Calibrated silicon diode sensor (±12 mK) with 4 in. free length for accurate sample measurement
  • Sample holder for optical and electrical experiments
  • Temperature controller