LT3B Pictures



120 x 120 angstrom image of azobenzene molecules on Au(111) taken at T = 15 K

Courtesy of:
Prof. Michael  F. Crommie
University of California at Berkeley
Physics Department




LT3B and LT3-OM

The cryostat on the left is a liquid helium cold cryostat for optical microscopy with adaptations for mounting and thermally anchoring a diamond anvil cell. The one on the right is a liquid helium cooled cryostat for FTIR and THZ applications featuring a 10 mm CVD diamond window, spectrometer adapter flange, and Z-translator for three sample measurement.



This LT3B liquid flow cryostat for UHV and ultra-low vibration applications was customized for a home-built STM instrument. The custom flanges were designed by the customer and integrated into the final cryostat design. ARS provided 3D models of this custom system to help the customer verify the system fit-up prior to production.