LT3M Specifications

Cooling Technology-
  LT3 Open Cycle Cryocooler
  Refrigeration Type Liquid Helium Flow
  Liquid Cryogen Usage Helium , Liquid Nitrogen Compatible
  LT3M 4.2 K - 350 K ( < 2 K with pumping)
  With 800 K Interface (Base Temp + 2 K) - 800 K
  With 450 K Interface (Base Temp + 2 K) - 450 K
  Stability 0.1 K
  *Based on bare cold head with a closed radiation shield, and no additional sources of experimental or parasitic heat load.
Sample space-
  Diameter Large
Open radiation shield
  Height Large
Open radiation shield
  Sample Holder Attachment 1/4-28 screw
  Sample Holder View our Sample Holder Collection
Optical Access-
  Window Ports N/A
  Diameter N/A
  Clear view N/A
  #/F N/A
  Window Material View our Wide Selection of Window Materials
Temperature Instrumentation and Control (Standard)-
  Heater 1 - 36ohm Thermofoil Heater Anchored on Cold Tip
  Control Sensor 1 - Curve Matched Silicon Diode
  Sample Sensor 1 - Calibrated Silicon Diode
  Custom Instrumentation Contact ARS for available Options
Instrumentation Access-
  Instrumentation Skirt Welded Stainless Steel
  Instrumentation Ports 2
  Instrumentation Wiring Contact our sales staff for wiring options
Vacuum Shroud-
  Material N/A
  Length N/A
  Diameter N/A (at the sample space)
  Width N/A (at the sample space)
Radiation Shield-
  Material OFHC Copper, Nickel Plated
  Attachment Threaded
  Optical Access Open end
Radiation shield terminates 0.125" short of cold tip(customer specified)
Cryostat Footprint-
  Overall Length 1438 mm (56.6 in)
1200 mm (47.2 in) standard Flange to Tip Dimension
  Motor Housing Diameter 114 mm (4.5 in)
  Rotational clearance 122 mm (4.8 in)

Liquid Helium Flow Cryostat Specifications

Cryostat Model LT3
   Cryogen Liquid helium Liquid nitrogen
   Base Temperature 4.2 K < 2 K with pumping 77 K
   Nominal Helium Consumption at 4.2 K 0.7 LL/hr  
    Cooling Capacity- 0.7 LL/hr 2 LL/hr  
  4.2 K 0.5 W 1.5 W  
  20 K 3.0 W 8.0 W  
  50 K 7 W 20 W  
    Maximum Temperature 450K with cold gas flow through transfer line  
    Cooldown Time- 4.2 K 20 min  
    Weight 0.9 kg (2 lbs)