PS-L Probe Station Specifications

Cooling Technology
  LT-3 Liquid Flow Cryostat
  Liquid Cryogen Usage Liquid Helium or Liquid Nitrogen
  Liquid Helium ~3.5 K - 400 K*
  Liquid Nitrogen ~77 K - 400 K*
  Stability 0.1 K
  * 500K and 800K options also available
Cooldown Time
  ~ 4.5 K ~ 10 minutes

Sample Holders* Custom options also available


2.25” Diameter (standard)

Load Lock – Grounded

1” Diameter: Custom Sizes available

Electrically Isolated

2.25” Diameter (Optional)

Coaxial (Biased)

2.25” Diameter (Optional) Includes BNC Feedthrough with Coaxial Cable to sample stage

Triaxial (Biased with Guard)

2.25” Diameter (Optional) Includes Triaxial Feedthrough with Coaxial or Triaxial wire.

Radiation Shield



Nickel Plated OFHC Copper



8”  (203 mm)



6 (standard) Empty ports have removable blanks installed



Removable Lid with Sapphire Cold Window


Mounted On

Standoffs for ideal thermal gradient


Optical Access



  Window Mat.



  Window Diam.

2.5” (63 mm)


  Window Clear View

2.25” (57 mm)

Vacuum Shroud



Welded Conflats, Stainless Steel



11.97”  (304 mm)


Probe Ports

4 (standard):  up to 6 - 8 available


Spare Accessory Ports

(2) UHV Flanges installed with blanks
(1) 8” Diameter UHV Pump out Port



Conflat Flanged Lid with Quartz    Window


Mounted On

31” x 31” Powder Coated Aluminum Plate


Optical Access



  Window Material

High Purity Quartz


  Window Diam.

2.75” (69 mm)


  Window Clear View

2.37” (60 mm)

Probe Arms
  GSG Microwave Tungsten with Coaxial or Triaxial Cable
(custom tips available)
  DC/Low Frequency Contact ARS for Custom Microwave Probe Solutions
  Fiber Optic Contact ARS for Custom Fiber-Optic Probe Solutions
Vibration Isolated Table
  Vibration Level < 1 µm (With Cryocooler Running)
  Table Top Height 927 mm (36 in.)
  Table Top Width 927 mm ( 36 in.)
7:1 GigE Microscope with Zoom Lens*
  Field Of View 4.2 - 0.61 mm
  Working distance 89 mm
  Numerical Aperture (N.A.) 0.024 - 0.08
  Highest Resolution 1 µm
  Magnification Final magnification depends on the monitor size
  Image Size 1280 x 1024 pixels
  Camera Output USB-2.0
  Frame rate 25 fps
  Accessories Ring Light Boom Stand USAF 1951 Test target