LT3-OM Helium Flow Cryostat


With unique features not found in other cryostats, the LT3-OM is designed for Micro-Raman spectroscopy experiments, as well as other types of low-vibration spectroscopy and microscopy experiments. A slim 1.52" profile allows the Micro-Raman cryostat to fit on most microscope stages. Also it has a continuously adjustable sample holder, enabling the user to fine tune the placement of the sample within the working distance of their microscopy system.

The Micro-Raman cryostat’s vacuum shroud is constructed entirely of polished, welded stainless steel for a cleaner sample environment. The smooth durable stainless steel finish limits the residual vapor pressure (partial pressure) of water and oil, and reduces the probability of mono layers of water forming on the sample surface. This leads to no water peaks during the experiment.

The Micro-Raman cryostat benefits from all of the features that set the ARS manufactured LT3 cryostats apart from all other flow cryostats, including the coaxial shield flow transfer line and matrix heat exchanger for low helium consumption and high cooling power.


  • Optical microscopy
  • Micro-Raman
  • Quantum dots
  • Photoluminescence
  • Micro-photoluminescense
  • Electro-optical
  • Magneto-optical



Typical Configuration


Options & Upgrades

  • Continuously adjustable sample height
  • Slim 1.52" profile
  • Nanometer level vibrations
  • Liquid helium flow
  • Matrix heat exchanger
  • Co-axial shield flow
  • 4 K liquid helium operation (1.7 K with pumping)
  • 0.7 LL/hr liquid helium consumption at 4.2 K
  • Liquid nitrogen compatible (77 K operation)
  • Precision flow control


  • Cold head (LT3-OM)
  • Co-axial shield flow liquid helium transfer line
  • Stainless steel instrumentation skirt
  • Dewar adapter
  • Flow meter panel for helium flow control and optimization
  • Nickel plated OFHC copper radiation shield
  • Instrumentation for temperature measurement and control:
    • 10 pin hermetic feedthrough
    • 36 ohm thermofoil heater
    • Silicon diode sensor curve matched to (± 0.5 K) for control
    • Calibrated silicon diode sensor (±12 mK) with 4 in. free length for accurate for sample measurement
  • Flat plate sample holder for optical experiments
  • Temperature controller