LT3-OM Pictures


Mounted on a Horiba Spectrometer, Model LabRAM HR Evolution

"The short focal distance Helitran model LT3-OM is ideal for optical microscopy with high numerical aperture. The sample to objective distance can be a few millimeters. The UHV construction permits less than 10-8 Torr vacuum at room temperature for minimum contamination of the surface."

Courtesy of:
Riccardo Comin
MIT, Department of Physics




LT3B and LT3-OM

The cryostat on the left is a liquid helium cold cryostat for optical microscopy with adaptations for mounting and thermally anchoring a diamond anvil cell. The one on the right is a liquid helium cooled cryostat for FTIR and THZ applications featuring a 10 mm CVD diamond window, spectrometer adapter flange, and Z-translator for three sample measurement.


Click here to watch how to install sample holders
on LT3-OM flow cryostats to achieve minimal vibrations and drift